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Flying Squirrel Interaction


SeaQuest is getting NUTTY!

Not to be ACORN-y, but this new interaction is nuts! SeaQuest is now home to Southern Flying Squirrels. Watch these little woodland creatures jump and glide through the air with ease as you have the opportunity to feed, touch, and even snap a photo with them. 

Take flight with our friends at SeaQuest and book your adventure today.


The flying squirrel encounter is a supervised group interaction to be booked in advance. A specialist from the SeaQuest team will guide you through feeding, touching, and taking pictures with our Southern Flying Squirrels. 

Before and during the interaction, participants will need to:

  • Wash hands with soap and water before entering the exhibit.
  • Shuffle feet while approaching the bench on exhibit.
  • Remain seated during the encounter unless instructed to move.
  • Two-finger touches only along the back, no grabbing.
  • Open palm handling is allowed with assistance from the TM.
  • Avoid allowing the squirrels around the ears or face.


Launch into this adventure!

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